Repair and Maintenance of air conditioning

The air conditioning, heating and ventilation system of a vehicle contributes to your driving comfort and safety by improving visibility, especially in warmer weather. At Point S, many of our experts are qualified for your air conditioning services: maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Read more about air conditioning systems and how to detect an issue and visit your nearest Point S center with any questions.

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Air conditioning services

The air conditioning system is complex and consists of several filters and mechanical parts. It is advisable to let experts carry out repairs on your air conditioning and heating so that they can be done in accordance with the latest environmental and safety regulations. 

And because your comfort while driving should not be a matter of budget, we offer our services at a competitive price.

How does the air conditioning of a vehicle work?

The air conditioning of your car (or other vehicle) has to be efficient enough to cool both the inside of your vehicle while aspiring the outside hot air and cooling it with refrigerant liquid from your air conditioning system

Air conditioning works on the same principle as a refrigerator. When the fluid passes from a liquid to a gaseous state, it creates cold air. It provides more comfort because the interior of your car stays cool, even on the hottest of days.

We maintain and replace each of the following components of your air conditioning system:

  • Evaporator
  • Bottle-filter desydrateur
  • Condenser
  • Compressor
  • Regulator
  • Tubing

4 signs that show your air conditioning system needs to be repaired

We advise you to have your air conditioning checked if you notice one or several signs of wear explained below:

Bad smell in the passenger cabin

There is nothing worse than driving with a bad odour in your car without being able to open the window because of the hot outdoor temperature.  The smell in the air is probably due to an unhygienic air conditioning system. You should consult your local Point S expert for an "anti-bacterial" treatment to get rid of any bacteria.

Air conditioner is not demisting the windscreen

If you find that your windows remain fogged even if you have the air con on, it could mean that the air conditioning is not functioning properly. It may be that the refrigerant level needs checking or replenishing.

Your air conditioner doesn't cool your vehicle

If you feel that the air is not cold enough and the temperature doesn't decrease, it means that your air conditioning is simply not working. It is most likely due to a lack of refrigerant fluid and a check by a Point S expert is recommended.

Air conditioner's ventilation has a lack of power

If the ventilation of the interior of your vehicle has lost its power, it may mean that the air is unable to get through due to a clogged filter. 

When should you check your air conditioning?

Point S advises you to have your air conditioning checked every year, before the first warm days so you are ready for a holiday and day-to-day driving during the spring and summer seasons.

To maintain your air conditioning system for maximum comfort:

  • Recharge the air conditioning circuit every 2 years.
  • Replace the filter every 4 years.

Every year, about 20% of the refrigerant fluid evaporates naturally, so it is necessary to check the level of this fluid. Checking your air conditioning system is part of your car maintenance.


Worried about your air conditioning system?  Make an appointment or visit your local Point S !


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