Oil change services for all vehicles: cars, trucks, vans

Oil change is an operation that consists in removing used oil from the engine of your vehicle and replacing it with new oil. To avoid premature wear of engine components, we advise you to trust our expertise in oil change services. Contact your Point S shop in Abidjan and get in touch with our experts!

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Oil change service by Point S

Performing oil change by your own is now more complicated with the rise of electronic cars. The essential car parts and components are harder to access. As car maintenance specialists, our teams are authorized to perform the oil change on cars but also on any other types of vehicle.

The oil change service is carried out for both diesel and gasoline vehicles.

Changing oil : why is it important?

Having a car means maintaining it to drive safely but also to keep it as long as possible. This operation is clearly a basic of vehicle care and maintenance. Only electric cars do not require oil change. It ensures the good function of your engine, prevents wear and helps reducing fuel consumption. An oil change on a regular basis will allow you to:

  • Prevent metal friction of parts and components
  • Ensure a perfect compression of the engine
  • Evacuate the impurities to deposit them in the oil filter
  • Cool the engine
  • Prevent premature wear of engine components
  • Detect some possible anomalies
  • Ensure safe driving

How often should you change your oil?

It's time to check the oil level of your engine when the ”oil pressure” light on your dashboard is on.

In general, the interval of the oil change depends on the properties of your vehicle: year of circulation of the vehicle, number of kilometers traveled since the last oil change and number of kilometers, type of engine (diesel, gasoline, etc.) and type of driving (sports car, passenger car, etc.).

The older your car is, the more often the oil change has to be done:

  • Vehicles released after 1999: it should be done every 15,000kms for petrol or diesel engine.
  • All vehicles released before: 1994 for a gasoline engine and 1995 for a diesel engine must be drained every 7,500kms.

Moreover, don’t forget to also change the oil filter at each oil change and at least every 30,000 kilometers.

Point S, the place to change the oil of your vehicle

For more information, make an appointment or visit your Point S centre!


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