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Key information about BF-Goodrich

Since it was founded in 1903, BF-Goodrich has achieved a number of technological firsts. The company's constant drive to outdo itself remains the common thread running through its growing success. It is now the pioneer of the tire market, with a spectacular sales force and sales of over 6.4 billion dollars. Clearly, it has made its mark on the history of the tire world.

BF-Goodrich products and technology

Snow, rain, rocky roads, dry ground, ice, winding tracks, slippery roads... with BFGoodrich tires, the rule remains the same, whatever the situation: you're in control of the road, not the other way around. Poor road and weather conditions can't stop you from reaching your destination, thanks to the strength and quality of BFGoodrich tires.

The brand's products are the best companions in any ordeal. They never shy away from a difficult situation. They won't leave you in the middle of nowhere. On the contrary, at the wheel of a vehicle equipped with BFGoodrich tires, you'll unquestionably feel like you belong to the best drivers in the world.

In America, it's one of the favorite brands of top drivers who share BFGoodrich's taste for victory.

The company has already scored 2 victories, in 1914 and 1915, winning the famous Indianapolis 500 in 2 successive years. The company's fame is not lost in Europe, especially in the World Rally Championship, on the world's tracks and deserts. Since 2002, it has won the Dakar title 8 times.

The BF-Goodrich brand

The BF-Goodrich brand was born out of a desire to stand out from the crowd, and remains true to its core values of comfort, control and driving safety. It succeeds in imbuing its teams with this innovative spirit and taste for perfection. From the outset, the brand has placed these values at the heart of its innovations. To respect them, it calls on the best cutting-edge technologies and the best professionals. That's why each and every one of its creations emphasizes quality.

BF-Goodrich sustainability

In the age of ecological development, the production of green tires is on a roll, and BFGoodrich wouldn't miss this opportunity to pass on to its customers its commitment to respect for the environment and to play its part in building a better world. Aware that the ecological revolution involves automotive accessories such as tires, the American firm is developing eco-friendly tires such as the low-consumption Urban Terrain T/A and G-Force Winter models.

Cooperation between Point S and BF-Goodrich

Point S and BF-Goodrich Tires have a long-standing business relationship in several markets. The international collaboration has been strengthened in recent years to finally become global partners. The partnership is now well established in over 18 countries worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of tires sold every year. The common objective of Point S and BF-Goodrich is to develop their cooperation in the countries where Point S is present, exploiting the negotiating capacities of each outlet and guaranteeing long-term profitability at the same time.

BF-Goodrich product range


  • G-Grip: On straights and bends, its massive shoulders and continuous central rib offer immediate response to all situations and perfect trajectory control. Its "chamfered" sipes improve the stability of each block of rubber to optimize braking on dry surfaces.
  • G-Grip Allseason 2: With a B rating for wet braking, the BFGoodrich® g-Grip All Season 2 has one of the best label ratings in its class on the market. Its directional V-shaped tread pattern and water slides facilitate water evacuation, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. Braking distance is reduced by 3.5 m on dry ground compared with the first generation, thanks to hinges that widen the contact zone between the tire and the road.
  • G-Force Winter: thanks to its directional tread pattern: sipes to break up the film of water and snow, optimized evacuation through the grooves. Thanks to its continuous central rib: hundreds of "teeth" in the center of the tread. Thanks to its rigid shoulder blocks, flexible tread compound and tread block orientation.
  • All-Terrain T/A KO2: More robust sidewalls. Longer life on all types of roads. More all-terrain traction.


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