Women’s Handball World Championships and Point S: A New Sponsorship Partnership

                                              Women’s Handball World Championships and Point S

To succeed in life, in sport and in business, nothing beats good team spirit. Individuals can go on to achieve great things, but there is always a team behind them helping out. Team spirit is made up of a shared vision, a sense of working for and with others, an ability to remain an independent thinker while nevertheless fitting in with a global vision and being able to communicate and listen well to others. These are the values that Point S prize above all else and they are the values that are found in sport.

This year the company has decided to take their involvement in handball, a sport that shares the same values as the brand as far as team spirit is concerned, to the next level. Already heavily involved at a national and international level with the International Handball Federation, from the 30th November this year Point S will be sponsoring the Women’s Handball World Championship in Kumumoto, Japan.

“It is important for us to be on the global stage,” says Muriel Clarke, International Brand Manager of Point S. “Because we are a global company. We already have over 4,350 points of sale across 4 continents and 38 countries and this is growing every year. And we feel it is important to encourage women’s sport because women make up over half of the world’s population but get significantly less support. We want to help address this.”

The Word Championships brings teams from Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Oceania together to challenge for the Cup. With the success of women’s sport becoming more and more obvious, this is a great opportunity for both partners to show what they can do.

“The success of Point S has been built on the team work shown by the network of independent members and we would not be where we are without them. From experience we know how important being able to work together harmoniously is and this is what we recognise in the sport of handball. We are delighted to be a part of the World Championships and can’t wait for it to get started” says Fabien Bouquet, the International Managing Director.

About the Women’s Handball World Championship

Launched in 1957, the Women’s Handball World Championship meets every 2 years and brings together the elite of the women’s game from across the globe under the umbrella of the International Handball Federation, (IHF). The last championship was held in Germany in 2017 and was won by France. The next championship is being held between the 30th November and the 15th December in Japan and reunites 24 international teams.


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